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Something New“, Jace Clayton. On incredible new music called festival coming out of Cairo’s outskirt neighborhoods, in the context of post-revolutionary Egypt.

La Voz de Huitzilopochtli“,  Jace Clayton. Examining how Aztec-inspired sounds and ideas of cyclical time interact with online remix culture & Mexican electronic music.

In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki.  Exquisite short book on aesthetics from 1933. “Japanese music is above all a music of reticence, of atmosphere. When recorded, or amplified by loudspeaker, the greater part of its charm is lost.… Most important of all are the pauses. Yet the phonograph and the radio render these moments of silence utterly lifeless. And so we distort the arts themselves to curry favor for them with the machines. These machines are the inventions of the Westerners, and are, as we might expect, well suited for the Western arts.”

Midnight Robber, Nalo Hopkinson.  Contemporary Caribbean feminist fiction that begins on a Caribbean-colonized planet where the artificial intelligences speak in patois.

Database as Symbolic Form” (RTF file), Lev Manovich.  Thought-provoking 1998 essay.  “After the novel, and subsequently cinema privileged narrative as the key form of cultural expression of the modern age, the computer age introduces its correlate — database. Many new media objects do not tell stories; they don’t have beginning or end; in fact, they don’t have any development, thematically, formally or otherwise which would organize their elements into a sequence. ”



The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner –  info & album version on New Amsterdam


related materials

Julius Eastman, Unjust Malaise,  3CD set (New World Records).

“John Cage, Julius Eastman, and the Homosexual Ego”,  Tomorrow is the Question New Directions in Experimental Music Studies, ed. Benjamin Piekut