🌊🔊🤷🏽 (comission for the 2019 Sharjah Biennial)

As an artist, writer and DJ, Jace Clayton explores the interaction of sound, memory and public space. His SB14 work, 🌊🔊🤷🏽‍, furthers investigations raised by recent projects such as the software-as-art project Sufi Plug Ins. ...

The Great Salt (2018)

The Great Salt is Clayton’s exhibition at Harvard Art Museums. The hybrid analog-digital artwork is response, sonic extension, intervention into the complex history of a 17th-century silver vessel, on view in the museums’ Lightbox Gallery ...

still from Jace Clayton's video "The Jacob Lawrence of Jacob Lawrence"

The Jacob Lawrence of Jacob Lawrence (2018)

The Jacob Lawrence of Jacob Lawrence is a new work by Jace Clayton, commissioned by the Black Mountain College Museum. The piece is included in the museum’s inaugural show in its new site, ‘Between Form ...

Silver Clouds (2017)

Silver Clouds is a site-specific audio work Clayton created to accompany Andy Warhol’s installation of the same name at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. “The Warhol Museum and Powdermill Nature Reserve, Carnegie Museum of Natural ...

Room 21 (2016)

This site-specific hour-long composition/performance for 20 musicians was written and choreographed by Clayton in response to the art and objects in Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation, where it debuted. The project was curated by Lee Tusman in ...

Jace Clayton's Enkutatash - full stage

Enkutatash እንቁጣጣሽ

Enkutatash እንቁጣጣሽ  is a large-scale public choral work by Jace Clayton, transforming security threats into spiritual renewal. The piece debuted on September 11th 2014, the Ethiopian New Year (Ethiopia uses its own calendar system), and featured ...

NPR: All Things Considered

“Translation Software for Music Makers” article / audio

New York Magazine

“Jace Clayton, a.k.a. DJ /Rupture, is a one-man musical Venn diagram, linking up genres, people, styles, and beats.” interview by Bob Hammond.

Bomb Magazine

In-depth interview by Alan Gilbert

Entertainment Weekly

“If Robert Rauschenberg were a DJ obsessed with the global black experience, his records would sound like this.” – review by Will Hermes

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“A Synth That Stops To Pray: DJ /rupture’s Sufi Plug Ins” – by Paddy Johnson

Pitchfork: Best New Music ‘Uproot’ Review

“Clayton’s in the rare category of DJs who gives the impression that he is not just wading through music, but correcting it by building his own canon, and constructing an alternate history. It’s a place ...

NPR: Jace Clayton Revives A Forgotten Voice

DJ Rupture - Wire Cover photo

Wire cover article

Cover article in The Wire, November 2012. By Peter Shapiro


Guardian feature profile from spring 2013: “DJ /rupture: how to sing like a sufi He’s worked with Berber tribespeople, composed for the stock exchange – and written a show about a destitute pianist. Genre-busting musician ...

Gbadu and the Moirai Index (2018)

Gbadu is an experimental musical composition and performance piece for four vocalists and the stock market. The performance will be staged in New York near Wall Street, with singers representing the Moirai (the three Fates) ...

Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner (2013-)

Conceived for twin pianos, live electronics, and voice, Clayton’s The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner brings fresh insight to the artistic legacy of the mercurial gay African American composer Eastman, and contributed to Eastman’s newfound popularity. ...

Sufi Plug Ins (2012 – ongoing)

SUFI PLUG INS is a free suite of music-making software tools based on nonwestern notions of sound & a poetic interface. This brief demonstration video shows version 1 in action. For more information, please visit ...